Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet our Chickens! (and help me rename one)

The hens are here! We now have a small flock of backyard chickens thanks to my dad's generosity. He even threw in the coop which it now serviceable again thanks to some minor repairs by Hubs. Isn't it cute? Our neighbors like it too which is good since they also have to look at it.
Trudy is especially enjoying raising chickens in the backyard and would be content to feed the "bok-boks" all day long.
Ok, time for introductions! Meet Rosemary the Dominicker mix and Bianca the um...yard hen. Dad told me what she was a mix of but I forgot.
And this is the chicken formerly known as Heather. I'd like to rename her since I have several friends and a family member named Heather and it's just not working for me. What would be a good name for a black Ameraucana mix that is slightly deranged?
Yep, she's deranged! She kept escaping at Dad's house, screams like a banshee if you pick her up, and the other chickens gang up on her. Dad was hoping she'd move up in the pecking order with a smaller flock, but not so. The first night, Rosemary and Bianca wouldn't let her up in the coop to roost. She had to sleep on the ladder. And this morning when I went to collect eggs, there were only two. "Heather" had to lay her egg around lunchtime since the other two wouldn't let her in the bucket.

I'm proud of them for laying so soon after being moved to a new home. I figured it would take them a little while to settle in, but maybe the chicken coop was familiar to them.
So let's show Heather some love with a really awesome chicken name since she's at the bottom of the pecking order. Leave a comment below with your suggestions and I'll choose one this week.


Amie said...

Jenn, your nieces and nephews have been watching I Love Lucy lately, so their suggestions were "Lucy" or "Ethel" since it's slightly deranged. :)

plgrn said...

Coretta is a good name!

plgrn said...