Wednesday, April 25, 2012

20 Weeks

This pregnancy has gone quite differently than my first. I'm not sure if the difference lies in this being a second pregnancy, it being unplanned, or my being a couple of years older, but I'm currently 20 weeks along with baby #2 and here's what I've noticed so far:
 Pregnancy #1Pregnancy #2
Announcing Let’s tell everybody right away! We can probably keep it a secret until I’m showing.
Morning Sickness  It's unpleasant but a good sign Give me Zofran so I can keep up with my toddler
Fatigue Yawn – Think I’ll take a nap Naps? Those things my toddler gets to take?
Gender Determination Can’t wait to find out what we’re having! We're ok with either. Let's just be surprised.
Ultrasounds Just how soon can you get a 4D ultrasound? How much? I’ll be seeing that cute little face soon all hours of the night
PrenatalsWe get to hear the heartbeat!Didn't we just have a prenatal?
Stretch Mark PreventionHomemade stretch mark prevention used religiously.I’m 30 and my butt’s starting to sag. What’s a few stretch marks?
Gestation PeriodI can't wait to meet my baby. This pregnancy is taking forever.Only 4 months left!? *Remembers life with a newborn and wonders why we can't have 2 year gestation periods like elephants do.*
Labor PlansPeaceful water birthHoping labor is so short the birth will occur in the car on the way to the midwife

Don't worry. I'm taking prenatal vitamins, eating lots of protein, and keeping up with my appointments. ;)

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