Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Fun 2012

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! We started the day off with Easter baskets in our PJ's and let Trudy enjoy a Lindt chick for breakfast. Don't worry. Chocolate for breakfast won't happen again until November 1st. ;)
She also got Play-Doh and hair elastics in her basket. We're keeping it low-key and cheap for as long as we can get away with it!
Dave wasn't left out. T and I got him a bucket of Crunch eggs. After baskets we got gussied up in our Easter finery and headed to church for an Easter brunch. Gigi and Papa got Trudy a bag of Easter goodies that included chocolate, jellybeans, a new Wubbnub, Good Night Moon, and a stuffed rabbit that matches the one in the book.
Dave and I weren't left out of the goodies. Mom got him some Boar's Head cheese and me a maternity top that Trudy picked out (purple!)
Of course I had a couple of little gifts for Mom and Dad...that I left at home. Who else has a hard time getting things together on Sunday mornings?
After a resurrection message, Dave and I took Trudy to my parents house for her first egg hunt. Egg hunting is serious business as you can see. She liked playing with the eggs more than anything (which got messy as I didn't boil the eggs long enough!) so next year I'm just going to fling some plastic eggs in the yard and let her throw, carry, sort, and open them all she wants. We did have fun dyeing them though.
Hope ya'll's Easter was as fun as ours! How did you celebrate?

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