Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gone Fishing

I love to fish...well, I love to catch fish. Sadly, Dave hates it so I don't get to go as often as I'd like. Today Aran took me to his favorite creek while Trudy played with Katy and Bella. When you can't even sit down because nibbles are coming as soon as the bait hits the water...that's a good day fishing. I'd rather reel in 25 babies than one whopper. I'm just impatient like that.
Out of the 17 fish we caught over a three hour period, 7 were "keepers." The one I'm holding above got a lucky break when he slipped out of my hand and back into the creek as I was handing him to Aran to put on the stringer.
Setting up a trot line. No luck with it today.
Aran outfished me by three catches, but in the event of a tie I was going to let him have it for grabbing this carp. Yep, grabbing it. It was in the water acting crazy so Aran retrieved it to see what was up. Looked like a snapping turtle had bitten it in the side.
Our little stringer of bream and sunfish. Yes, I even helped clean them. ;) Thanks for bringing me along, Aran!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Splash Pad

It's only May, but we've already taken Trudy to the local (free) splash pad a couple of times. When it''s 96 degrees out there's not much else to do outdoors that we can tolerate!

She thinks she owns the elephant and tiger and is content to go back and forth between them for the entire visit.

Cool breeze!

We'll be frequenting the splash pad this summer as things heat up even more. Mommy and Daddy like to cool off too!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Someone found a tricycle in the storage shed at church. Maybe it belonged to the Homan's years ago? At any rate, Trudy is enjoying it. We decided not to bring it home because we'll be expected to push her in the heat all day every day.

She was very upset that her Daddy tried to ride "her" tricycle. 
He rode it anyway. Whee!


I love food. I love to eat it. I love to grow it. I love to take pictures of it. Just don't like to cook it most of the time. It's been fun the past few weeks taking pictures of our meals. Anybody want to be my personal chef? I'll pay you in photos and compliments. ;)

Chinese restaurant-style green beans

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Handing Over the Camera

As a control freak perfectionist, it's hard for me to turn over the reigns with just about anything including my camera. A while back I posted some family photography tips, one of which was to make sure to include yourself in family photos. It's time for me to practice what I preach and that means handing over the camera on occasion to Hubs. Last week we headed out to the back yard during the "golden hours" before sunset so I could have some pictures of Sweet T and me together, as well as a couple of maternity pictures.
Being the control freak that I am, Hubs could barely get off a few shots before I took the camera, checked his photos, adjusted settings, critiqued his composition...you get the idea. Thank goodness Hubs is a patience, laid-back kind of guy. A lesser man would have taken my head off!
Considering we just upgraded to a DSLR, the fact that I'm not proficient with it yet, and the fact that Hubs generally can't frame up a good shot with even a point-and-shoot, I was impressed with what we wound up with! 
Of course he took hundreds of pictures and I used Photoshop heavily afterward, but kudos to him for being patient with us! Sweet T was mostly a happy camper. Notice she has a Quaker Soft Bake Bar in her hand. She refused to give it up so we just took pictures with crumbs on her face and a snack in hand. Whatever keeps her smiling!
I told Hubs he did such a good job that I'll be handing the camera over more often. He groused a little at that and muttered that he should have done a crappier job so he wouldn't have to go through this again.
I've got to be nicer next time and not criticize when the compost tumbler, car, or clotheslines wind up in the background. Can I blame it on pregnancy hormones?
If we can survive it, you can survive it. Hand over that camera and get in the pictures with your kids! Now who wants to volunteer to take pictures of all three of us? I'm super easy to work with...really. ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Backyard Rodeo

I'm not too good at catching candid shots yet. The light has to be just right for me to get anything good so I've been dragging taking the family into the back yard around 6:30 in the evening for that "golden hour" of sunlight that makes life easier for me. One day I'll learn to shoot in full sun or indoors like a pro.

Readers are leaders!

That's what Dad often said when I was growing up and it seems the gene has been passed to Trudy. She loves to "read" her books and refuses to watch DVDs now except for the educational one about the alphabet. She knows A, B, C, D, E, G, I, K, L, O, P Q, T, and U and recognizes them on labels and advertising. Not sure how to teach her lowercase letters without confusion so we'll just be happy with capitals for now. Also M and N frustrate her. She constantly points back and forth between the two asking for clarification only to get aggravated and move on. She comes by that honestly. :)