Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gone Fishing

I love to fish...well, I love to catch fish. Sadly, Dave hates it so I don't get to go as often as I'd like. Today Aran took me to his favorite creek while Trudy played with Katy and Bella. When you can't even sit down because nibbles are coming as soon as the bait hits the water...that's a good day fishing. I'd rather reel in 25 babies than one whopper. I'm just impatient like that.
Out of the 17 fish we caught over a three hour period, 7 were "keepers." The one I'm holding above got a lucky break when he slipped out of my hand and back into the creek as I was handing him to Aran to put on the stringer.
Setting up a trot line. No luck with it today.
Aran outfished me by three catches, but in the event of a tie I was going to let him have it for grabbing this carp. Yep, grabbing it. It was in the water acting crazy so Aran retrieved it to see what was up. Looked like a snapping turtle had bitten it in the side.
Our little stringer of bream and sunfish. Yes, I even helped clean them. ;) Thanks for bringing me along, Aran!

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