Friday, June 1, 2012

Finger paints

Trudy was bored one morning. A bored Trudy usually results in "creativity" such as shoving Plah-Doh into our central air intake. So I thought why not break out the fingerpaints?
Ok, I didn't really expect anything out  finger painting with a toddler except to have some fun. Mission accomplished!
Oh that's why the box says ages 3 and up.
Finger paint, toe paint: potato potahto.
47 rolls of paper towels later...
Eenie meenie miny mo, I'm going to wreck this room fo sho!
Yeah, I don't know what Mom was thinking either.
All clean! (mostly)


Katy said...

She is tooooo cute! Do you remember finger painting with Brandon while I was visiting the mid-wife when pregnant with Aran? I still have the picture :).

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

I do remember that! Seems like he should still be finger painting. :)

Arlene Grimm said...

After teaching two year olds for ten yrs, I came up with some good non messy projects for the little ones. Maybe I need to share that at MOPs.