Tuesday, August 21, 2012

37 Weeks

Today was a big day for us as we had our first and only ultrasound this pregnancy and dropped off birthing and baby supplies at the birth house. Only three weeks left! Trudy came a week early and in a way I'm hoping her brother or sister follows suit. Then again, life with a newborn isn't exactly a bed of roses so many he or she can stay put a little longer.

We're thankful for a healthy, head-down baby (Trudy was breach and had to be turned via external version before birth) and I'm thankful the gender is still a surprise. We had to turn our heads at one point during the ultrasound to keep it a surprise.

The birth house is lovely and I'm looking forward to having a peaceful place to deliver. Dave is getting quite handy with the camera, don't you think?

I'd like to get some pictures in these exact poses with an actual baby replacing the belly.

What do canning jars have to do with babies? Nothing, but isn't it cool looking? I spend too much time on Pinterest. I guess my tummy is a "ball" right now to there's some correlation. 
Birth with hope!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun at the Aquarium

Trudy and I visited Lexi this weekend and had the opportunity to visit the Tennessee Aquarium. Full review coming on the Sweet T blog, but here's a pic dump for now. That's all I have time for on this blog anymore. Does anyone even read it? At least it keeps me organized for scrapbooking.

We loved the penguins best!
Trudy liked the hands-on exhibits too:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Splash Pad Playdate

We enjoyed a wet and wild day today with the Spellman kids. It takes Trudy a while to warm up to new people so after about an hour of play she was good to go! We need to get together more often for sure.

Aren't those the cutest little flip flops?

Proof that she smiles...just for Julie though apparently.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trudy Turns 2

Trudy celebrated her second birthday with a certain blue donkey. It's no secret that she loves Eeyore. It was one of her first words (before mommy and daddy even!) We had a hard time finding Eeyore party supplies since Pooh seems to take center stage in the Hundred Acre Woods so we had to get creative. The custom Eeyore cake made at a local bakery took center stage for sure.

Disney Family has a  free pin-the-tail on Eeyore printable that can be pieced together. My dad had it printed at work so it would be in once piece and a little more sturdy.

It was impossible to find an Eeyore mylar balloon locally so my mom improvised with some Eeyore stickers.

And our local Kroger had bouquets on sale for $1! I couldn't resist these flowers that looks a bit like thistles. Perfect to represent our gloomy friend.
Sweet T's Eeyore blanket and her giant stuffed Eeyore decorated the gift space

And the birthday girl herself wore an Eeyore dress that Mom-mom made for her. Wish she could have been here to see her in it!
We kept things very low-key only inviting seven family members and our neighbor "Grandma T." Hopefully I can get away with at least one more birthday like this before Trudy expects to have her peers there. ;) She got lots of thoughtful gifts and was pretty excited about the Pillow Racer her dad and I got for her.
And her purple horse PJ's!

Trudy cried when we all burst into the birthday song

But calmed down when she realized tasty cake was on the way.

She enjoyed eating the buttercream frosting and leaving the rest!
And...get ready for a pic dump.