Friday, December 14, 2012

MOPS Cookie Swap

December is here which means cookies, merriment, and other holiday cheer. Unfortunately it also means stomach bugs and colds. When the scheduled speaker's children come down with a bug, you call in a replacement. When the replacement's children also become ill, you panic I guess. But you'd never know there was a snafu thanks to our wonderful steering team and their quick thinking.

We played a variety of Christmas-themed games, the most memorable (and photo-worthy) being Holiday charades.

Danielle smiling the smile of a winner. Go team Santa Babies!

What's a Christmas celebration without cookies? The whole family is enjoying the sampling we received. Since we also exchanged recipes, I'll be able to recreate their favorites.

Rhett and Gus decided to crash the end of the party so they could have some milk with their cookies. ;)

Let's not forget our amazing child care workers who make it possible for us to enjoy a break, worry-free! Trudy gets excited each morning that I tell her we're going to MOPS thanks to the care and enthusiasm of these ladies. She's proud of the ornament they helped her make today.

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