Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 4 #Project365

This week was pretty boring. It consisted of a whole lot of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and blogging. So why do I still have posts to write in this dirty house? Next week I’m tempted to take a picture of the load of laundry I do every day. ;)
1/22 – Paleo breakfast. I’m getting used to it!
1/23 – The Temple of Pooh where worshipers pilgrimage to seek wisdom and bring offerings of honey. I need to get out of this house more.
1/24 – A visit with cousin Bella and her prize-winning show goats. I think this one’s name is Oneida.
1/25 – Trudy has been getting a muffin tin dinner each night. She calls it “special dinner.” Not sure how special it is now that she gets one every day!
1/26 –  My braiding skills leave much to be desired but at least she lets me practice on her. If only I could braid my own!
1/27 – It seems my sink isn’t the only one with dirty dishes
1/28 –  Trudy loves the toddler bed her daddy made for her. No need to slowly transition from the crib. Mommy is happy and Gus is enjoying the crib finally.IMG_7452
1/29 – Papa came to visit after work to visit with the kids since he’s going out of town. We all went out for a steak dinner. 


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