Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Solid for Gus

Gus had his first taste of solid food today. Apple puree. He was not impressed.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brandon's Senior Session

Brandon was nice enough to trust me with his Senior portraits. It was fun to take a break from wiping butts and noses and have a little creative fun. We nearly froze to death, but since Brandon is so photogenic we didn't have to stay out long. Plus he doesn't grumble about having his picture taken and knows exactly what you mean when you say "smolder." What more can an amateur photographer ask for?

A big thank you to the Gullions for letting us shoot on their property.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you....the smolder.

That's how it's done. 

Go Eagles!

It's Week 8! #Project365

2/20 - The secrets of the universe can be found at the bottom of the laundry pile since no one has ever reached it!
2/21 - I don't know what the question is but I'm pretty sure the answer is nude finger painting.
2/22 - Our MOPS group decorated bibs for a non profit that supports families with babies in the NICU. Here's mine, misjudged spacing and all.
2/23 - The kids and I spent the day at my parents house. Much fun was had by all.
2/24 - Mom owes me a couple of dishcloths. The dinginess of them drives her nuts so she soaks them in bleach for a few minutes when she comes over. She forgot about this one!
2/25 - Look what Dave surprised me with!Feb25
2/26 - Brandon is a senior this year! He was kind enough to trust this amateur with his senior photo session. They turned out great! I still need to work on composition since I tend to center things too much instead of offsetting them so the eye can follow.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Papa Time

We needed some updated pictures for Dad's "Papa and Me" Picture frame. Gotta include Gus too! It should say "Papa and Us." Haha

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finger painting

Trudy liked finger painting but didn't like her hands being dirty. She asked for a paintbrush several times. How different from the last time we did this!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

7 Weeks into #Project365...

and I'm tired of taking pictures already. No, I'm tired of remembering to take pictures. The obsessive-compulsive in me won't be able to stop though so here we go with week 7. Every single shot was taken in the house. Between cold weather and sickness we haven't been getting out a lot.

2/13 - Almond Joy coffee creamer from International Delight. Yes, it's as good as it sounds like it would be.
Feb 13
2/14 - We exchanged Valentine's with family, friends, and each other
Feb 14
2/15 - Trudy enjoyed the Shari's Berries that arrived today.
Shari's Berries
2/16 - Thrift store find.
2/17 - Gus is 5 months old today!
2/18 - We had friends over for dinner who helped us entertain our little ones.
2/19 - I'll just get the scissors already!
Feb 19

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 6 of #Project365

Trudy turned 2 1/2 so we measured her height. Growing like a weed! Did you know that if you double your child's height on their 2nd birthday that it's a very accurate prediction of how tall they will be when grown? Looks like Trudy will be 5'6" Sounds about right since I'm 5'2" and Dave is 6'2"
Gus is in love with his toes. Strip him down and put him on the floor and he's a happy guy!
When not showing his toes the love, Gus is pretty crazy about his Tiny Love Gymini.
Hubs and I had a little date night after we put the kids to bed. Pictureka and cuddle time on the couch is about as inventive as it gets with a baby and a toddler around. It was still nice to spend time together as husband and wife rather than daddy and mommy
More of Sweet T's OCD I'm capturing on film.
Gus got a Gus for Christmas but Sweet T has taken it over. She actually let him play with it today while Gigi visited and I couldn't resist taking a picture of two Guses. ;)
Sometimes paleo ain't all that bad! Enjoyed lunch at Longhorn with my Dad and the kids.