Monday, February 4, 2013

#Project365 Week 5

Two weeks later and we’re not so strict on the paleo diet. Dave is more so, but my hormones started wreaking havoc on me due to the sudden banishment of starches. I decided to incorporate oats and rice back into my diet for the time being. Off to Walmart for the good rice! It’s work the extra price. If you just eat Uncle Ben’s and the like you have no idea! Get a rice cooker, throw in some coconut milk, and use this rice cooker tip. You’ll never view rice the same way again!
We started potty training today! So far she can pull her panties down, tinkle, and pull them back up (though a little crooked ;) ). she knows when she makes the potty play music she gets a sticker.
Greetings from Bumbo Land! Gus doesn’t like the Bumbofollowquite as much as Trudy did, but he’s still a fan. Particularly if I’m playing Baby Faithfollow for him. 
Trudy lined her crayons up and I couldn't resist photographing her little perfectionist/OCD tendencies.
Trudy hasn’t learned to empty her bladder every time she sits down so she fills up a sheet every day! Minnie and Elmo are on her bedroom wall as a reminder of her accomplishments. We’re working on filling up Daisy now.
I have a sweet tea taster. Fitting don’t you think? 
We took advantage of a day in the high 50′s to play at the park.

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