Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 6 of #Project365

Trudy turned 2 1/2 so we measured her height. Growing like a weed! Did you know that if you double your child's height on their 2nd birthday that it's a very accurate prediction of how tall they will be when grown? Looks like Trudy will be 5'6" Sounds about right since I'm 5'2" and Dave is 6'2"
Gus is in love with his toes. Strip him down and put him on the floor and he's a happy guy!
When not showing his toes the love, Gus is pretty crazy about his Tiny Love Gymini.
Hubs and I had a little date night after we put the kids to bed. Pictureka and cuddle time on the couch is about as inventive as it gets with a baby and a toddler around. It was still nice to spend time together as husband and wife rather than daddy and mommy
More of Sweet T's OCD I'm capturing on film.
Gus got a Gus for Christmas but Sweet T has taken it over. She actually let him play with it today while Gigi visited and I couldn't resist taking a picture of two Guses. ;)
Sometimes paleo ain't all that bad! Enjoyed lunch at Longhorn with my Dad and the kids.

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