Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black and White Week #Project365

The first two pictures I took this week wound up having lighting issues so I made them black and white as a cheat. Then I thought why not mix it up a little this week and make them all black and white?

Feb 27 - Never wake a sleeping toddler, right? Well you do if she's oversleeping and won't be napping that afternoon if you don't! I couldn't believe opening her door and turning on the light didn't wake her up and I used the opportunity to snap a picture of the only time she is still.
Feb 28 - Gus got his first taste of solids (an apple pureed in my Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker) and was less than impressed. Mommy, however was impressed with the Babycook! It's going to be so nice to feed him whole foods and not worry about buying up little jars.
March 1 - My cookie jar from Painting Memories is ready! I'll post a full color picture of it sometime too.
March 2 - Trudy with our friends' little boy, Jack. We have a picture of me and Jack's dad in a similar chair in the same pose at the same ages. We're 30 and 29 now! It's neat to see the pictures side by side.
March 3 - It doesn't get any sweeter
March 4 - Entranced by Elmo
March 5 - Gluestick + paper scraps = happy toddler

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