Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 12 #Project365

Here’s hoping the next few weeks will contain more outdoor pictures as the weather warms up.
March 20 – I made Gus a sweet potato/breastmilk puree. He didn’t care for it. He likes yogurt though at least.
March 20
March 21 – Goodbye Jeep. We decided my grandfather’s 1947 Willys Jeep pickup was too much of project for Hubs to restore in this lifetime. Now maybe if we didn’t have kids…A local body shop owner bought it to park in his shop as a conversation piece so I’m glad others will get to appreciate it.
March 21
March 22 – A girl at our MOPS meeting was wearing the prettiest headband.
March 22
March 23 – My String Easter Eggs are dry!
March 23
March 24 – Gus is ready for the local splash pad to open.
March 24
March 25 – Gus’ Easter outfit is ready to go!
March 26 – The Dollar Tree threw up in my living room. Let’s hope it vomited up enough to keep Sweet T  busy until it’s warm and dry enough to go outside.

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