Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weeks 10 & 11 #Project365

Last week was a tad bit crazy so I missed posting a week of Project 365. Here's the last two weeks together.
March 6 - Why are babies even cuter when they are bathing?
March 7 - You may have outgrown your Cozy Coo when you can reach the mobile and yank the little animals into your mouth.
March 8 - Trudy and I aren't paleo so much anymore. Good for Daddy at keeping it up.
March 9 - Peekaboo from the playground
March 10 - When Daddy let me drive
March 11 - Everybody loves parfait!
March 12 - Southwest Salmon Salad
March 13 - My wonderful dad took a day off of work to help me with the kids while I was sick. He entertained Sweet T for a solid hour with a piece of cheese wax that came off a Baby Bel. They "painted" their nails with it. Eww!
March 14 - Keeping with the hand theme. Sweet T loves her new glitter tattoos.
March 15 - To the doctor we all went! Sweet T needs to take yogurt with her antibiotic but the only way to get her to eat it is to tell her it's medicine and administer it as such. She'll eat an entire adult serving this way. Wonder if I could puree liver and onions and get the same result?
March 16 - Gus discovers coffee. He'll never be the same.
March 17 - Celebrating St. Paddy's with a Gigi's Cupcake...and no green.
March 18 - Gus' 6 month picture, late as always
March 19 - Since bathing babies are so cute, here's another one.

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Lauren said...

Hi there! My husband and I were googling a game for a banquet we're having at our church soon. He googled "Dirty Grinchmas" and your blog came up. Interestingly enough, he remembers you from church as a kid. :) It's amazing what a "small world" it is.