Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 16 of #project365

April 16 - Bunco night with my MOPS group.
April 16
April 17th - Chicken watching; the latest baby craze
April 17
April 18th - ♪ The best part of wakin' up is Keurig Donut Shop Sweet & Creamy Nutty Hazelnut Iced Coffee in your cup. ♪ You may send my mother of the year award to PO Box...
April 18
April 19th - We got a kitty! Meet Cricket.
April 19
April 20th - A beautiful day to make a clover necklace
April 20
April 21st - Cricket has made himself right at home.
April 21
April 22nd - A smiley face pancake for a sick Sweet T
April 22

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy birthday to me

My actual birthday was on the 17th (a Wednesday. Boo) so Mom and Dad came over to stay with the kids today while Dave and I went out to eat at Waddell Seafood. Love me some raw oysters!

Mom brought cake which we all enjoyed together afterward.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

7 months old

He's moving right along! I can't believe how much faster the second baby grows up. It's because you have half the time you did with the first.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project 365 Week 15

Am I really still doing this? OCD won't let me stop now.

April 9 - Spring is here!
April 9
April 10 - And so is the pollen
April 10
April 11 - Took some 6 month photos of Gus even though he's close to 7 months. Not a big unsupported sitter like his sister!
April 11
April 12 - Sweet T is in love with Daddy's "new" truck
April 12
April 13 - Easter redo. Gus and I took a fall on Easter Sunday and we didn't get any pictures of us all dressed up. This is Easter 2.0
April 13
April 14 - Last week the "pink pig" was breastfed. This week he's been worn in the K'tan carrier...
April 14
April 15 - and sat in the Bumbo to enjoy his coffee
april 15

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter 2.0

Gus and I had a nasty little accident on Easter so our plans for family photos were foiled. Gus' face is healed and it was warm enough to be out in our Easter clothes for a redo in the back yard.

Gus was going for a rumpled, hipster look. He made sure to be buttoned up tight for church the next day though. ;)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gus' 6 month pictures

It's finally warm enough and light enough outside to take pictures in the evenings. Gus still isn't sitting up by himself all that well (he prefers to stand!) but I took some 6 month photos of him anyway.

Ford Family

We bid farewell to Dave's old truck and my grandfather's Jeep so that Dave could have a Ford pickup from his preferred range of years. I don't pretend to understand. I just accept. When Daddy's happy, I'm happy. Plus it matches the house. ;)

He's better enjoy it before Trudy takes it over. With Dave's knack for keeping things running she'll probably learn to drive in it in 13 years. For now she's happy playing with the "driving wheel."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

#project365 Week 14

Most of this week's pictures were taken with my phone due to business and flat out laziness!
April 2 - Yep. We're also in diabetes country. Coincidence?
April 3 - You know we're hard up for entertainment when it's come to egg carton caterpillars.April3
April 4 - Made oat flour for honey oat muffins. Sweet T enjoyed helping bake.
April 5 - Geocaching with Papa
April 6 - Sweet T grabbed my nursing pillow, sat on the couch, lifted her shirt, and proceeded to breastfeed her stuffed pig.
April 7 - Beautiful sunset
April 8 - Naptime

Friday, April 5, 2013

Park and Play with Papa

Trudy thinks "the park and play" is all one word. Dad spent a couple of hours with us this evening and we wound up at "the park and play."
 Gus enjoyed swinging with me
 Dad is training for the next winter Olympics

 Playing drive-through window and being generous with Sprite and fries.