Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 21 #Project365

Where has 2013 gone? I can't believe it's week 21 of this year.

May 21 - We decorated Hubs' "man cave." This tiny bathroom is his only personal space in the house so I decided to Ford it up. The kids are "driving" his Ford truck and Gus is even wearing a Ford tshirt!
May 21
May 22 - Teething is the pits. He may look like he's grinning but he's actually screaming his head off.
May 22
May 23 - In case you are wondering what Pink Pig has been up to, he's been taking lots of tractor rides and exploring the outdoors. He's also in desperate need of a bath.
May 23
May 24 - Congratulations, Brandon! Class of 2013
May  24
May 25 - Sweet T doesn't need any encouragement when it comes to boots, jeans, and horses. Mama doesn't want to pay for the western riding lifestyle, but I have a feeling she's going to love it. We may have to send her to live with our friend Andrea and her horse, Milo.
May 25
May 26 - Quick kitty + camera phone = blurry picture. Cricket must have a death wish because he's started hanging out in the dryer.
May 26