Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#project365 It's Crazy Cat Lady Week!

There's nothing cuter than babies with animals and every time I turned around Gus and Cricket were looking cute together. I'd whip out the phone and capture the moment quickly before one of them moved. If only Trudy would warm up to our new family member! This week was definitely more about moments than photographic technique and that's ok.

April 30th - Cricket likes to sleep on Gus while he's nursing.April 30
May 1 -  Baby toes, kitty toes, painted toes: We've got 'em all!
May 1
May 2 - Playing with the same toy together
May 2
May 3 - Happy birthday a day early,  Aran! The middle child has to light his own birthday candle.
May 3
May 4 - Honestly, I don't care if you think the books should be banned and burned or if you have leather bound copies of the entire series in your personal library. You've got to admit that a 40ish woman driving around like this is equivalent to me sporting and Edward Cullen bottle cap necklace while grocery shopping with my kids. Whether you think 50 Shades is smut or literature. JUST LAUGH. I won't tell anyone.
May 4
May 5 - Trudy helping Daddy make bacon and eggs
May 5
May 6 - Mom gets her Mother's Day present early since she's spending May 12th in Orlando with Mickey Mouse.
May 6

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