Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 17 #Project365

April 23 - Toe painting time.
April 23
April 24 - A quick trip to Aldi. Here's a cart we don't have to pay a quarter for!
April 24
April 25 - Cricket enjoys Trudy's baths even if it means a face full of water for him.April 25
April 26 - The view of our side yard. Future site of a garage with storm shelter underneath.
April 26
April 27 - Enjoyed some sushi and a good book while my parents had the kids.
April 27
April 28 - Dave grills a mean pork chop
April 28
April 29 - I know you are wondering what Pink Pig has  been up to this week. He likes to wear Gus' sleep sack for nap time.
April 29

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