Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week 19 #Project365

May 7 - Following in my shoes
May 8 - All of my calories are going straight to his thighs. ;)
May 8
May 9 - We enjoyed a day at a local farm
May 9
May 10 - Our last MOPS meeting of the school year was a spa day. We got chair massages and made Kool-Aid lip gloss.
May 10
May 11 - A package arrived from Mom-mom. Now my Junior AsparaGUS has a Junior Asparagus of his own!
May 11
May 12 - Honeysuckle sure is sweet-smelling and pretty for a parasite!
May 12
May 13 - Dad replaced Mom today as my mother's helper. Sweet T didn't seem to mind.
May 13

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