Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 34 of Project365

August 21 - I made a new friend on my run. My pace is only slightly faster than his!

August 22 - Fall won't be here until December, but Trudy got a fall bento lunch anyway

August 23 - MOPS started back today. Trudy was excited about making a painting.

August 24 - Swingin' on the swing

August 25 - Lost and found! I'd been missing my peacock earrings from NOVICA

August 26 - Let's go Krogering

August 27 - Roll Tide!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 33 #Project365

August 14 - Big sister giving nice safe Jeep rides

August 15 - Fluffy time!

August 16 - Trade show flower freebie. Free = even more romantic!

August 17 - Gus is 11 months old

August 18 - Nursery duty. Luke lined everyone up for his magic show. You had to have a ticket to get in.

August 19 - Trudy discovers Dora the Explorer and is enraptured.

August 20 - Lemme out!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 32: Project 365

August 7 - We're overrun with figs!

August 8 - Fun with a clip-in

August 9 - It's a strooooong coffee kind of day

August 10 - Gus makes a new friend

August 11 - And subsequently looses one. ;)

August 12 - Bunco night with MOPS and a diaper sprinkle for a mom of twins.

August 13 - We bought another house. And this is what I'm dealing with. Thank God Dave is so talented!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 31 #Project365

July 31 - Playtime at the park

August 1 - How poetic. What normally protects my Sweet T was protecting my sweet tea today.

August 2 -  We celebrated Trudy's birthday with a Curious George party

August 3 - Daddy getting bedazzled

August 4 - Happy 3rd birthday, Trudy! We brought the kids to Chuck E. Cheese after church. Gus thinks Trudy should have a birthday more than once per year.

August 5 - Another fabulous blogger luncheon. Biscuit Beignets at Another Broken Egg Cafe

August 6 - Big helper! She looks as thrilled about housework as I do.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Curious Trudy Turns 3

Trudy is obsessed with Curious George so naturally she celebrated turning 3 with a Curious George birthday party.
Curious George Birthday Party invitation
We kept things simple by only inviting a few family members and making sure Trudy and Gus were the only small children present.
Curious George Birthday Party
I made the cupcakes from a cake mix and frosted them using a Wilton tip and canned frosting.
Curious George Birthday Cupcakes Bananas
Adding banana Runts and maraschino cherries added some color and fun without any extra work.
Curious George Birthday Party Cake CupcakesFor the meal I enlisted Mom to make pasta salad. Hubs stopped at Little Caesar's and bought $5 hot and ready pizzas just like Chef Pisghetti would make. ;)
Curious George Birthday Party Food
Party City has Curious George balloons which jazzed up Sweet T's chair as well as the gift area.
Curious George Birthday Party Balloons
Curious George Birthday Party Gifts
It took a lot longer than I anticipated to assemble these tissue paper pom-poms from Koyal wholesale. I'm leaving them up until Gus' party! That's a little monkey from Gymboree riding the garland.
Curious George Birthday Party Tissue Paper Pom Poms
We even used some of Trudy's Curious George books and magnet toys to add to the decor
Curious George Birthday Party Book Decorations

Curious George Birthday Party Curious George Magnets
Books and bananas make for cheap decorations!
Curious George Birthday Party Decorations
Milk bottles were a bit of a splurge, but I can reuse them for Gus' party as well as food photography. That's what I keep telling myself anyway.
Curious George Birthday Party Milk Bottles with Red Paper Straws
Trudy loved her Curious George birthday party! She loved her pink light-up cowboy boots from Papa and Gigi too.
Pink Light Up Cowboy Boots

Gus got some cake frosting and pizza crusts so he wasn't complaining

 Make a wish!

 Presents were opened

 And bubbles were blown

 Gus soaked up some quality time with Papa

 He likes it when Sister has a birthday!

Trudy loved her party! Mama and Gigi are partied out. Hopefully next year I can convince her that a shopping trip and going out to eat is celebration enough. Stay tuned next month for Gus' celebration with all things asparaGus.