Monday, September 30, 2013

I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener...or some of Butch's BBQ

Since our small groups fellowship last night, Trudy can speak of nothing else but "those little wiener dogs that look just like Hundley" (Hundley is the lobby dachshund in Curious George for those who don't live in toddlerville.)

Twinkie loves her mama

Charlie Brown loves belly rubs. A little to the left, Abigail.

While I like a dachshund as much as the next person, I'm in love with Butch's pulled pork

Deliciousness like this cannot be bought. Thankfully he's generous in giving it away. Ok, new outreach strategy: We get everyone in the area addicted to Butch's pulled pork by serving it for free in the church parking lot. When they inevitably want more they can have it as long as they "pay" by attending a service. BOOM! We're talking Lakewood Church numbers. ;)

Gus prefers lawn chair. No accounting for taste.

At least he has better taste in fashion

What's a fall yard party without football? Aaron showed us how it was done.
Jordan made her own music

Emma didn't care who was doing what as long as she had her bottle.

Where was Trudy in all of this? Let's just say it's hard to photograph someone who is stuck to you like a barnacle. She clung to me until The Toddler Whisperer showed up. It was like nothing Dave or I have ever seen. After walking Gus around the yard with no complaints from him, Sandy held Trudy's hand, buckled her in her car seat, and listened to her chatter about kitties and puppies as if they were the oldest of friends. Behold The Toddler Whisperer: 

Thank you, Butch and Sandy, for your hospitality! We all had a wonderful time. Trudy wants to "go back to peoples' house and eat with those wiener dogs." We may have to get her a Hundley of her own.

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