Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project365 Week 39

September 25 - The chaos in my purse closely resembles the chaos of my life!

September 26 - Did you know you can buy these at the pet store?

September 27 -  We had a mentor forum at today's MOPS meeting. They recommended a lot of great resources.

September 28 - Yummy autumn squash soup from Panera

September 29 - Meet Twinkie. One of "those wiener dogs at somebody's house" that Trudy is in love with.

September 30 - We braved a kid's consignment sale. Mistake to do with small children in tow! I handed my purchases to Julie along with some money and we high tailed it to Dunkin' Donuts before both kids turned into pumpkins.

October 1 - You'll never make steak at home the same way again! Check out the Sweet T blog for the recipe.

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