Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Giving Up Looks Like

It was one of those days. A day where there are so many dishes, dirty clothes and blogging deadlines that I just shut down and did none of it! I let the kids eat popcorn for dinner outside in their pajama tops. Playing in the dirt was on the itinerary too. And ya know what? It was fun! Maybe I should give up more often.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cuddles and Blue Velvet Cake

Yep. Blue velvet. Trudy thought it was the best thing ever. Looks like she ate a Smurf!

I enjoyed some rare cuddle time on the couch with Gus. They key is a snack I guess.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Painting at Mom's Night Out

10 of us put down our kids and picked up a paintbrush for Mom's Night Out this month. Our own Elena is a talented painter and graciously helped us create our own masterpieces. We tried to copy one of her creations.

Getting ready to get our paint on!

We had one little MNO crasher. Didn't even know she was there! I'm not sure she spoke or made any noise the entire night. Teach us, Cristina!

We're ready to learn all you can teach us Elena. Give us your words of wisdom.
"Ok, there is the painting. Just do that."



Photo courtesy of Tiffany in case you were wondering how I made it into this one

I'm not at all an artist, have no desire to express myself through creativity and won't tell you what I'm feeling unless I'm angry or ticked off so I didn't expect to enjoy painting so much! My favorite part of the experience was seeing how each lady's painting was so different. It's like getting a little peek into their hearts.

Natalie Nicole's (do you go by both or either?)






Meagan was in the ZONE.

Elena decide to paint along and just whip up another masterpiece for the fun of it. You can hate her. It's ok. We do. ;)


Such a fun, loving atmosphere in which to create! We all noticed we were more critical of our own work that other people's, so paining in a group kept things positive. Forgot to take a picture of my own so I took one after I got home. Behold...

 This was no "Sip and Stroke" so you can imagine what it would have looked like had there been a glass of wine involved. Almost wish I had inebriation for an excuse. Since it's a painting only a mother could love, that's exactly who will be receiving it. Let's hope she praises it and puts it up on the fridge.

So when are we doing this again, Girls?