Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kite Day

It was Kite Day for the kid's ministry at church and we enjoyed crashing the even even though our kids are still nursery-age. ;) In addition to kites there were bubbles!

Somewhere there's a photo of me doing the same thing

Rachel got some giant bubbles going

Dave has mad Hello Kitty kite-flying skilz

Trudy must have inherited the talent!

Gus didn't have much interest in kite-flying. He had interest in whining and being held. Sigh.

She flies a kite as well as she plays the piano. Now you know.

Cherylene making sure that kite got off the ground!

Ginger made new friends today which is huge for her!

Abigail's tuckered out already? 

Face painting anyone?

Who's the lucky Dum Dum? Gus insists it's not him

Now Trudy's going to wonder why Mrs. Johnson won't let her blow bubbles in Sunday school

Sweet Jordan

Suckers, sugary drinks, cupcakes, and plenty of people-watching; that's Trudy's idea of a good day.

Big thanks to Scott, Rachel, and their kids for all the hard work!

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